Thursday, July 2, 2015



Dogs’ influence to humans is irreplaceable, but the urgency to adapt to our time is paramount to a more abiding development. My persistence to undertake breeding a model dog here in the Philippines to nail the role that it plays in our present time, and navigating dynamic influencers to be cautious to fluctuating trends, is the heart of this campaign.

Support this campaign and be a part of a noble cause that will extend beyond our own time.   


Though I have a substantial experience and love for Dogs as I’ve been handling dogs since youth, I find them to be a valuable personal partner in the field and in the farm since I lived half my life in a rural area. My fascination grew while living in Biasong, Merida while on hike and in the course of my horseback trails where I have seen the thrill and pleasure of seeing the courage and the activeness of my German shepherd dog called ‘Shaq’.
However, my desire to breed a hunting dog that is built to search, chase and retrieve, a dog that is not as hairy as a shepherd and one that has a more pronounced hunting skill like my Jack Russell and Beagle, a medium sized dog that is just as athletic and adaptable to all types of terrain, and one that interacts well with humans and safe with children, this has consequently caught my attention toward the German Shorthaired Pointer.   
This charm of owning a faithful dog in the field has largely diminished after me and my family transferred to an urban surrounding resulting to a more restrictive space.
My urban venture led me to hone my talents that includes business management, content writing, media marketing, etc. Now I want to give back what I’ve earned and finish off my urban venture with what’s been close to my heart but in a relatively more spacious field.