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OVERVIEW: Here in the Philippines we are not only known to have distinctive holiday destinations but also rank as the Dog Capital of East Asia (One pet dog for every 8 persons)[1]. In other words, most Filipinos know the value of having a pet dog. Sadly, what is being promoted here are those literal show dogs which are totally delegated to  paid specialists or experienced trainers hence abrogating the delight that one gets when the trainer himself and the handler is the owner. In other words, this does not stimulate a bonding adventure. I would say that it has its purpose but not a venue to promote the bond between men and his dog.

This cultural backlog of oligarchy found also in our dog shows is not consistent in promoting the motivation behind Filipinos’ love for dogs. It has become ineptly commercial. In addition, the rising status of the middle class and a more affluent society has magnified that scale.
Sports are also slowly replacing the demanding challenge that bonded men and dogs while hunting, and especially in a place where gun licensure and animal right advocates is severe.  What is left to dog value has somehow leaned toward purely for companionship only, and this is even now being contested by modern sports activities and sports holiday destinations that oblige its owners to leave them at home during those activities or board them elsewhere. Read more...


MAP OUT PLAN: Its inception is to enclose a section of 1938.64 sq. yards so that the area could be utilized as dog kennel and a training ground. Next is to purchase from the limited GSP number of matured Phil. Grand Champ in mainland Manila and a 2 year Phil. Champ bitch as parent dogs from a renowned breeder that I am presently talking to. It will take 6 months the most before the female dog will be ready for breeding, and another 2 months in pregnancy before a handful of puppies will be birthed and initially trained. Four (4) selected puppies from the first batch of siblings will be kept and trained so as to employ them as models to exhibit the breed’s ability to perform those various tasks found in hunting since the breed is fairly new and unknown here in the Philippines.  This campaign would simultaneously involve forming a club which will be called “Feathers  Fur & Fins” to represent the variety of sporting fields that it covers.  Total build up time is 2 years.     


TARGET MEMBERSOnly those who have an active lifestyle and are determined at all cost to train and exercise their own dogs contrary to delegating them to a hired hand.


POTENTIALITY2005 Annual Survey of Philippines Business Industry (ASPBI) records that sporting and other recreational establishments generated the highest revenue amounting to Php 44.7 billion or 45.4% of the total revenue. This shows that the sports industry here in the Philippines has seen rapid changes and innovations and that each activity can readily be funneled with having a dog as its alliance.   


DIFFERENTIATIONThe goal in breeding is not only to produce and improve the breed to make sure that we have the highest quality of puppies, introduce the joy of the primitive hunting pleasure that is intensely contended by various Animal Welfare Groups, elude or insure the enigma of Gun Ownership here in the Philippines, and induce the men and dog partnership to every possible sports activity that’s been established instead of competing or concocting a new one.


MARKET STRATEGYSince Cebu is located not only in Central Visayas but also lies in the heart of the Philippines, we will be promoting this venture in a variety of methods such as actual exhibits of the dogs capability, attract groups that are already engaged in outdoor activities and encourage them to associate their activity with the pleasure of seeing and securing a chase or a target. I also plan to gain publicity through the social media sites, carry business cards, etc., and then later popularize the breed through local and national shows that will be managed and supervised by the Association.



All Value is in Philippine Pesos

[1] Theresa Bradley & Ritchie King, Nov 13, 2012, The Dog Economy is Global – but What is the World’s True Canine Capital?,

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