The significance of your giving has installed you as co-founder of this cause, and I thought of giving you a simple keepsake of that admission.

Here's what your money will make:

Intended to initiate a broader outcome that would:
  • Stimulate those with active lifestyle to see a new light that would compliment or contribute to their by now activity.
  • To Influence pet owners to have a second thought about the real value of a dog.
  • Open new grounds for tourist destinations to adapt to new venues that are distinct to their place.
  • To spark merchandisers to supply market needs. 
  • Seek a founding representative to fund the initial stage that will endorse the visualization
  • 2 year breeding & training accomplishment.
  • Legitimizing a loose association called "Feathers Fur & Fins" to encourage collaboration.

 Outcome Indicators:
  • Dogs begin to be included in sporting & travel activities.
  • Dog friendly outfits begin to catch on.
  • Availability of dog sporting gears begin to show up in the market.
  • Enthusiasm of individuals or groups to join the association.

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